Nepal is one of the growing film and television industries in the world, and the home to motion picture professionals. The focus has been on making Nepali language movies as well as multi-language feature films. The goal is to harness the existing talents of the region, in front but also behind the camera. It has managed to produce fine feature films, drama telefilms and even documentaries in the world of cinema. Moreover, additional services such as location advice, crew arrangement, equipment and scouting are also provided. It has become quite popular in the area as they are known as the professionals that serious producers contact whenever they are thinking to come up with the next multi-language film.

The Rickshaw Puller was one of the movies that this country produced in 2002. It was directed by Udaya Singh Bohara, produced by Shree Prashrad Budathoki, Janu Gauchan, Tul Bahadur Gauchan and Ishwar R. Thapa. The musical arrangement was performed by Samrat Thapa and cinematography by Jawed Shah. Also Aamud Johansen was involved as well as Kamal Rai as production controller and choreographer respectively. A year before, in 2001, Haude was produced, as was Bishalu.

All these three movies were filmed in different regions of Nepal and featured elements of culture and tradition from Nepal. The main language was Nepali and this has been one of the reasons why the movies had remains in obscurity in the western world. However, the producers and actors have been recognized for the talent with which they revealed the ways in which life looks like at the other corner of the world, event though still not many westerners are aware of them. Other Nepalese films include Aama, Kumari, Sindoor, Juni, Basudev, Biswas, Mayalu, Chino, Kanyadian, Sampati, Trishna, Arpan, Maya, Tapasya, Milan, Sankalpa, Kasam, Badal, Cheli, Dushman and Truck Driver.

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